Opening Special Rainforest Horse rides & Camping Sunshine Coast

Opening Special Rainforest Horse rides & Camping Sunshine Coast

Firstly Welcome,

Welcome to Zero Hoof Print. We are an eco horse trail and camping escape on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland. There is a beautiful 18 acres of rainforest & paddock to camp in. 

Make some memories with that someone special, horses and rainforest less than 15 minutes from the beach, it can't get better. Come and spend some time in the rainforest in a tree tent. Get back to basics, the simple things; making a fire, cooking, eating, spending time together with that special someone, making memories, sharing experiences, sleeping..

Sounds like heaven? It is.

What makes us special is that Zero Hoof Print underpins our philosophy. In essence, we are a rainforest sanctuary that aims to have a zero footprint on the forest. We have lived here for years now and want to open up this haven to you. Our policy of; take out everything you bring in (rubbish) is core to our camping. We provide some special spots that you can stay amongst the trees in the rainforest. Special camping spots next to the many creeks that feed the main creek, that runs into the Mooloolaba river.

We provide a flexible mix of experiences, horse trails, camping, pony rides, tree tents and full camping & horse riding experiences complete with dinner over a smoky fire and breakfast.

You can also buy tree tents from us to continue your adventures after you leave us.

Come visit us and have some fun and make some unforgettable memories, Jody & Ari :)