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Man Balm

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Man Balm. Matt black, expedition pack, Man Balm,  that is light weight, yet packed full of hardcore hand repair. 

Solve real world problems, made by men for men. Whether you need;

  • Hand protection - barrier cream
  • Hand repair - healing anti bacterial balm
  • Tattoo repair balm
  • Hair wax
  • Beard balm and wax
  • working in the garage - barrier cream stop dirt, solvents and grease getting into your pores 
  • On adventures - stuck without tinder or a fire starter use for starting a fire
  • Power out? use it as a survival candle
  • Need a safe lubricant, use it to help drive screws into wood or nuts and bolts from freezing.
  • Lube - sex wax

Made in Tasmania by hand using organic bees wax, coconut oil, olive oil and our two secret ingredients that makes it smells amazing, women love it.

Conveniently packed in a matt black, alloy 20gm screw case, easy to carry, compact, take anywhere expedition size.

Made from Australian grown ingredients, made in Australia by Australians.

Discovered and perfected on the farm, this hand repair cream is the only balm you'll end up using.

Made for men... Warning: NOT for hipsters..